A few kind words for superstition thesis

A Few Kind Words for Superstition

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In his essay "A Few Kind Words for Superstition" Robertson Davies not only asserts that the society is currently in middle of renaissance of the irrational but he also gives many examples many widespread popularity of irrational beliefs and superstitious practices.

Robertson Davies’s essay “A Few Kind Words for Superstition” is a kind of satirical essay where he satires about people’s belief about superstition despite of the literacy level they hold on. By the title I had guessed that Davies is against superstition and he wrote against superstition.

And he really had. Superstition and The Human Belief essays"A Few Kind Words for Superstition" is an essay by the Canadian writer Robertson Davies.

The essay focuses on the belief of the human world in superstition and its different forms.

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A few kind words for superstition thesis
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