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A Rose for Emily Questions and Answers

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A Rose for Emily Summary

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A Rose for Emily

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"A Rose for Emily" is a short story by American author William Faulkner, first published in the April 30,issue of The Forum. The story takes place in Faulkner's fictional city, Jefferson, Mississippi, in the fictional southern county of abrasiverock.com was Faulkner's first short story published in a national magazine.

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Homer Barron. Homer, much like Emily, is an outsider, a stranger in town who becomes the subject of gossip.

Unlike Emily, however, Homer swoops into town brimming with charm, and he initially becomes the center of attention and the object of affection.

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Miss Emily Grierson, the main character in William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily," is certainly strange by any average reader’s standards and a character analysis of Emily could go in any number of directions.

"A Rose for Emily" is a short story by American author William Faulkner, first published in the April 30,issue of The Forum.

The story takes place in Faulkner's fictional city, Jefferson, Mississippi, in the fictional southern county of abrasiverock.com was Faulkner's first short story published in Author: William Faulkner. Both Emily and Homer are being negged pretty hard here: the townsfolk are suggesting that only a gay man looking for a beard would consider Emily, and that only a .

A rose for emily homer is
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