Ah wilderness

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Ah, Wilderness!

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Ah, Wilderness! review – a sprint into light

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Department of Theatre & Drama A comedy by Eugene O’Neill Directed by John Neville-Andrews Harken back to the days of Americana of in this tender comedy of family and young love.

As one of Eugene O'Neill's lesser known works, 'Ah, Wilderness' is by no means a classic play. Unfinished in tone, uneven in structure and a mix of under-developed characters make it seem like a blueprint for a later and greater work, and it reads like a scrapbook idea of something that had the potential to be something much bolder.

What makes it a pleasure to adapt to radio any play by Eugene O'Neill is the fact that every scene in it is sure to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Clarence Brown's version of 'Ah, Wilderness!,' while at moments overdone in its sentimentality, is a fine adaptation of O'Neill's heartwarming play (a modifier it's difficult to reconcile being applied to the work of one of America's most unrelentingly depressive literary geniuses).Reviews: Beaumont Theater.

A comedy by Eugene O'Neill? Yes! Although he is one of the pillars of 20th-century drama and created some of the most memorable, tragic stories for the stage, O'Neill did write one comedy in AH, WILDERNESS!

Ah Wilderness! () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Ah wilderness
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