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Author urges youths to set agenda, actively participate in politics

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Surrey achieved independence in. Politics Nigeria. 14K likes. Politics Nigeria is an independent online newspaper aimed at delivering the best of News and Politics.

Architecture and Politics in Nigeria: The Study of a Late Twentieth-Century Enlightenment-Inspired Modernism at Abuja, [Nnamdi Elleh] on abrasiverock.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Inthe Nigerian authorities decided to construct a new postcolonial capital called Abuja, and together with several internationally renowned architects these military leaders collaborated to. Reports The Resurgence of Militancy in Nigeria’s Oil-Rich Niger Delta and the Dangers of Militarisation.

Renewed attacks by new militant groups in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta region since the beginning of have reduced Nigeria’s oil production to a year low. Amidst growing calls for youth participation in politics, one of Nigeria’s PR strategists has released a book, which focuses on the need for a paradigm shift in the political space.

It will be pretense at its scornful worst to hallucinate that politics and governance in the country today is near desirable. The red flags. The UK is to pay for a new wing in one of Nigeria's largest prisons to help expedite the transfer of offenders from British jails. Up to £, will be spent on a bed annex in Kiri Kiri.

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