Structural based v s task based syllabus

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With reference to Jennifer Goodman's article on Teaching Without a Course book. A very good article indeed, it is not often we come across an article. A structural syllabus, is a product-oriented syllabus based on grammatical structures graded according to complexity.

ISTQB Certification – Foundation Level syllabus

a more communicative approach to language teaching in the s led to syllabi such as the functional-notional and the task-based or procedural syllabus.

Branch: Information Technology, VIII Semester Course: Component Based Software Engineering. Unit I: Introduction to Component Based Development: Definition of Software Component and its Elements, The Component Industry Metaphor, Component Models and Component Services: Concepts and Principles, An Example Specification for Implementing a Temperature Regulator Software Component.

Critical Review of Approaches to Foreign Language Syllabus Design: Task-Based Syllabus (A Shortcut) The main purpose of the present paper is to critically review all approaches to foreign language syllabus design with reference to problems regarding the syllabi in EFL contexts and also discussing the problems in relation to language.

Structural based v s task based syllabus
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