Why water is presious for us

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Why Water is Precious For Us?

Water Is Precious: Let Us Save It L Kanta Singh * Loktak Lake:: Pix - Sushil Khomdram. Water is an essential part of all life on the globe.

Why is water harvesting so important?

Plant and animal could not live without water. Hi Liz, My name is Jay and I took my IELTS yesterday in the US. I think I did pretty well overall, so hoping for the best. I wanted to share some ideas which really helped me in the test.

Water is not only essential for human survival. There is also an ecological water requirement, below which our natural world cannot function.

Water has a number of competing uses: as an element of ecosystems.

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a foundation of livelihoods. a resource of value. an anchor of cultural meaning. Globally, there are increasing pressures on water supply.

About Atula Gupta. Atula Gupta is the Founder and Editor of abrasiverock.com Her work has appeared in a number of international websites, dailies and magazines including The Wire, Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, Down to Earth and Heritage.

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Why water is presious for us
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The most precious resource of all – Save Food, Save Water