Wix copyfile overwrite a file

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RemoveFile Element

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Finding values in text files using batch file

Boolean value that indicates if existing files are to be overwritten. If True, files are overwritten; if False, they are not. The default is True. Note that CopyFile will fail if destination has the read-only attribute set, regardless of the value of overwrite.

CopyFile Method

I came across a strange scenario where it works intermittently. Requirement: Need to back date the system date before running a file and once the file is ran the system date should be reverted to.

Dec 13,  · However, I can copy the file to it's new destination using the shell even when the executable is running. My guess is that this indicates that wxCopyFile is trying to acquire too tight a lock on the file. CopyFile Element Description Copy or move an existing file on the target machine, or copy a file that is being installed, to another destination.

Aug 26,  · Darrell darrell_list wrote: > I am moving my project from the install being just unzipping it to being=20 > installed through a WiX created installer package (via Visual Studio Plug=20 > In).=20 > > I ran into an issue where WiX will not overwrite files in the folder with=20 > .

Wix copyfile overwrite a file
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RemoveFile Element